WhatsApp has finally added the Web functionality to iOS devices which means that iPhone users can now sync up their chats with the WhatsApp web app. As with most of the major WhatsApp features, this should be painfully slow and gradual rollout.


WhatsApp Web feature was launched for Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms way back in January this year and the company had cited the delay in launching the feature for iOS “due to Apple platform limitations.”

Interestingly, the feature was also supported by the almost redundant Nokia S60 but iOS was left out. WhatsApp spokesperson had told The Verge earlier that “Apple has no background multi-tasking and no proper push technology. So it is a bad user experience on iOS.”

WhatsApp had launched the voice calling in January to keep at pace with its competitors and even then, iOS was the last platform to receive the update.

WhatsApp Web is a boon for people who are constantly working out of a laptop or a PC and don’t want to stare at their phone every time a WhatsApp notification comes up. We don’t see the WhatsApp Web as just another “minor feature” as it has become in disposable to many of the working professionals who are wired for the entire day.

The phone needs to be connected to Web and the app will be a mere extension of the phone applications with all the messages still stored in the phone. Last year, WhatsApp had partnered with Whisper Systems for end to end encryption so as to enforce a strong security to its entire user base.

Thankfully, the WhatsApp Web has extended its support to Opera and Firefox browsers and also Safari browser leaving no stones unturned on the compatibility part.

As of April 2015, WhatsApp has a broad user base of 800 million active users and is leading in India, parts of Europe and Middle East but that being said, it seems to have lost its midas touch in top Asian markets including China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In India, WhatsApp has about 70 million active users and the number seems to be climbing steadily over the past few months.

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