Software puritans, rejoice! It seems that your next Android smartphone or tablet will soon become less burdened with the usualy bloatware coming from Google itself. It’s quite annoying that there are quite a few pre-installed apps coming from OEMs and carriers, but we also have to swallow ‘mandatory’ apps coming from the Android maker, as well. google-apps-bloatware

But things are apparently going to change as it seems that Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand are no longer required to be installed by those OEMS who want to install only Gmail, Youtube, Maps or other genuinely useful apps from Google. Phone makers were obliged to take a bunch of apps from Google when they only needed a few, but now the amount of bloatware is going to decrease.

Google Earth and Google Keep are some other apps that aren’t a required part of the Google applications package, so it’s nice to see these four new ones join the ‘departing party’, as well. While the removal of Google Play Games, Google Play Books or the Google Newsstand isn’t as surprising, the ditching of the Google+ app probably further shows that the social network is moving closer to its imminent death.

This move comes at a time when third-party complaints have been filed against Google over the pre-installation of its own apps and the use of Google Play by Android OEMs, which is said to be discriminating against competing third-party apps.

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