Well, we’re fast approaching the iPhone launch month. The event is set for September 9th and I’m sure you can hardly wait. Think of it as any other week, a week filled with awesome apps.


This week we bring back you a pixelated fury of nostalgia while simultaneously providing you tools to calm you down.

1. PAC-MAN 256

Depending on how old you are, you probably have fond memories of playing PAC-MAN either in an arcade for a quarter for a game or on a console or on your very own PC. There’s not much to say about PAC-MAN, it’s legendary. Now though, the formula has been translated to the touchscreen and because of the times we live in – PAC-MAN 256 is an endless runner. But before you judge, that’s not such a bad thing.

You swipe up, down or to the sides to navigate Pac Man. If you get killed, that’s it. Your aim is to survive for as long as possible and get the highest score.

While it’s fun to play the game on the iPad, I’m not the biggest fan of the control system. I missed turns multiple times. But that’s the downside of using a touchscreen. Rest assured, this is just a casual game. I don’t see people clamoring over it with the precision of a fighter jet simulator anytime soon.

2. Hyper

It’s not everyday when you’re totally blown away by how an app looks and works. It happened with Hyper. And Hyper is in no way an over-the-top app. In fact, it was the app’s simplicity that was the most captivating for me. Hyper is a curated video magazine.

It’s built by a bunch of filmmakers who know their stuff. Their team spends a lot of time watching awesome content posted online (where do I sign up?), picks only the best of the best content and posts to the apps every day as an “Edition”. A daily Edition only includes 6-12 videos.

The videos themselves are thoughtful in nature. Inspirational, adventurous, and focused on humanity. If you like watching awesome stuff on your iPad, Hyper is now a must have.

3. Companion

While it’s not available across the globe, Companion is a really useful app for a couple of college campuses and neighborhoods in the US that it does support. This is how it works. If you’re in a supported territory, you can open the app while you’re walking back from college or you’re going through a rough area or it’s dark. Basically any time you feel nervous being out.

The app lets you send a link to any of your friends and they can monitor where exactly you are and if you reached the destination or not. You can even report if you’re feeling nervous or if someone’s following you.

While location sharing is nothing new, Companion brings in the security element. They can help you connect with the police in supported areas and they’re even sharing data with law enforcement agencies.

4. Vurb

Vurb thinks there are way too many apps for doing just a couple of things. So it wants to be the app that encapsulates all the said apps. Vurb was recently upgraded to version 2.0 and is now available globally.


What Vurb does is it acts as a center point for most apps related to food and entertainment. You know, like Yelp, Zomato, Fandango and more. Plus, Vurb wants you to use the app along with your friends.

Just look up for stuff to do around you or find a movie you want to watch or a restaurant to eat at from Vurb. The app will them provide you some options (that you’ll need other apps for) like get an Uber to the place or book tickets or a table and more. The Chat element lets you talk with friends about where you want to go and lets you easily share the information.

5. Recolor

You might not know this but coloring is a great way for adults to deal with stress and anxiety. There’s something about just taking a sheet of paper full of outlines and filling in any color you like. You don’t need to be great at it, you just have to do it. And in the process you’ll find that your brain is now in a much calmer state.


Recolor is an app that brings this concept to the iPhone and iPad. I used the app on the iPad and the extra room makes the app a joy to use. Because this is a digital screen, you’re not actually “coloring” anything. All you do is find an empty space, select a color and tap the space to fill it with the said color. Yes, that might not sound like much and the first intro illustration is pretty boring. But when you start exploring some really complex illustrations, that’s when things get interesting. I can easily spend half an hour coloring a complex illustration of a bird.

If you feel like you’re stressed out at the end of a busy day or you just want to vent out, check out the app. Also try out Paper by 53.

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