Can you send me a OnePlus 2 invite” – that has got to be one of the most asked questions in the tech world in recent times. Whether it kills flagships or not, what cannot be doubted is that invites for the second OnePlus device are in great demand. So much so that we think that Hollywood is likely to be inspired by the whole OnePlus 2 invite phenomenon and the options it offers. Consider the following scenarios from Hollywood classics, starring the OnePlus 2 invite (made using Half Tone 2 with no disrespect intended towards the original films).

Dirty Harry:

You gotta feel lucky!


Gone with the Wind:

Some things are worth giving a damn about.


The Matrix:

Neo has a new choice.


Lawrence of Arabia:

Guess what Lawrence used to convince Auda Abu Tayi to attack Aqaba



It is not just about freedom


Notting Hill:

Girls can ask for the damnedest things.


The Godfather:

The art of the irresistible offer.


James Bond (any film):

So much for gadgets and a Licence to Kill


On the Waterfront:

I could have been a contender, but for…



Oh boy, this is Sparta. They don’t give stuff easily.


And before you ask – we don’t have any OnePlus 2 invites to give away at this point of time.

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