It’s a well known secret that Lenovo has been trying to bridge the gap between tablets and laptops for a while now, and one such effort was the introduction of Yoga series. Lenovo has unveiled its new piece of gadgetry, the Miix 700 which unmistakably looks to be heavily inspired by the Microsoft’s Surface. Just like the Surface, Lenovo Miix 700 also comes with a kickstand and a hinge that extends outwards. Apart from the looks, the Lenovo Miix 700 seems to be a very different machine with its own characteristics. That being said it won’t be fair to write off the product just because it looks similar to the Surface.


Lenovo has weaved in the keyboard so well that it feels like an integral part of the machine unlike the Microsoft Surface which comes with a Surface cover which feels like an after thought. The Miix 700 will be priced at $699 and shipping will start in November.

Under the hood lies an Intel Core M7 processor paired with a 8GB of RAM. The Lenovo Miix 700 offers a storage option of 256GB SSD and it is not yet clear on whether the company will offer different variants with increased storage space. It comes with niceties like the Intel RealSense camera which will let you log into the Windows 10 with a glance at the sensor. The 12-inch screen runs at 2160 x 1440 pixels which is a notch better than the 1080p and it also equips a 5-Megapixel front and rear camera sensors.
The only difference in the construction as compared to the Microsoft Surface seems to be the outwardly protruding hinges which can be seen clearly unlike the Surface hinges which is hidden from view. The Lenovo Miix 700 can expand to about 160 degrees and looks sturdy.

Lenovo has been experimenting with the detachable laptop idea from long and it has come up with devices like Miix 2 which also sported the same hinge technology that trickled down to the entire Lenovo Yoga series. The USP of Lenovo Miix 700 is the fact that its keyboard blends in excellently and it doesn’t feel like an accessory by any yardstick and this feature can help Lenovo Miix 700 appeal to mainstream users who are looking out to do more things on their machines.

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