One of the reasons why Chrome is such a popular browser, is its fast loading speed. However, the downside is that it eats up a lot of resources to be able to offer that. This becomes an even bigger problem when you have dozens of tabs, just like myself. And if you’re on a laptop and relying on its battery only, then this can become quite annoying with battery draining faster than usual. Macbook users can vouch for this even more.


Google is well aware of these issues and it seems it already has a fix that’s coming in the most recent Chrome 45 version. The latest Chrome release focuses on making the browser faster and more efficient. Google has come up with a number of improvements in this direction.

From now on, when you restart Chrome and it restores your tabs, the browser will now first open those tabs you most recently looked at, thus saving you some time. Also, when it comes to restoring tabs, Chrome will be able to detect if your machine is running low on resources, and if does, it will stop restoring tabs and will you to do it when you want. I know I almost always have a lot of tabs open, so if you’re like me, then this is indeed a nice feature to have.

Furthermore, Chrome will now take into account when you’re not using a tab for a while or whenever a website is in passive mode and will free up unused memory. According to Google, this measure alone can cut memory usage by 10 percent on average. If you have been using The Great Suspender extension for Chrome which we recommended long back, you’ll know who inspired Chrome’s engineers.

A feature that’s already been announced is that Chrome will now also start automatically pausing Flash videos that aren’t that important to the overall content of a website. This is said to improve the device battery up to 15 percent longer. Google plans to turn it on for all users by default in the near future.

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