The digital era has brought about a slew of changes in how we communicate and express our ideas. Jotting down things and expressing our ideas with a pen and paper is still something that many of us use on a day to day basis. In fact, this was the very reason that the S-Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note series had become such a sought after feature. Wacom is trying hard to bridge the digital gap between actually drawing something on a paper versus using a Stylus enabled device to draw/write it digitally.


I had used the Stylus on one of my older Galaxy Note and in spite of being able to spruce up my productivity, it sort of failed to offer the old school charm the pen and a paper offers. At the first glance the Bamboo Spark looks more like a traditional diary enclosed in a case with a holster for pen, but it brings a whole world of difference when it comes to functionality.

The Bamboo Spark brings in the authentic pen and paper experience and blends it digitally. The product is shaped similar to a folder which upon opening has a usual notepad on the right side along with a pen and a place to keep your smartphones or tablet. The device is activated by pressing a button on the centre of the folio and whatever you sketch henceforth will be saved on your “Bluetooth” enabled Android and iOS device, thanks to the Bamboo Spark app.

The best part is that the Bamboo Spark app is closely integrated with Evernote, Dropbox and comes with a dedicated Wacom Cloud.

The folder can accommodate any paper of A5 size which needs to be placed above the Electro-Magnetic Resonance board which takes input from the 1024 levels of pressure -sensitive sensors.The Bamboo Spark is backed by an internal battery which the company claims can last for a full workday (eight hours approximately) post which it can be charged by using the run of the mill USB connection. Bamboo Spark has also introduced something called as Inkspace which is essentially a work desk for organising and editing your sketches. The digitally converted documents can be saved in JPG and the PDF formats.

The Bamboo Spark comes in three variants which are sized to accommodate different devices. Smart folio with snap fit is for iPad Air 2, Smart folio with Gadget pocket is for iPhone or any other Android phones and the Smart folio with tablet sleeve is for tablets with screen size up to 9.7-inches (diagonally wide). All the three variants have been priced at $159.95. The device however comes with a catch, the Ink cartridges are designed to deliver for three months of regular daily use and the refill will set you back by an extra $9.99.

The Bamboo Spark might sound like a slightly expensive affair, but considering the fact that it is the only device out there that will let you transfer your ideas directly from the brain-pen-paper route makes it a worthwhile piece of modern stationery. The Video below will give you a quick demo on how the Bamboo Spark works

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