The Force Awakens is not merely the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise but it is the first Star Wars space opera after the Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. The Force Awakens is the first installment in the planned third Star Wats trilogy. As we inch closer to the release of the film, Disney has come up with some cool boys toys to keep you engaged till then. The pair of drones unveiled by Disney are not just authentic looking, but they also function accordingly.


The drone collection consists of the X-Wing, famous for being piloted by Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon spacecraft which was commanded by the smuggler Han Solo and his first mate YT-1300.

To make it as realistic as possible, the Millennium Falcon also comes with the famous Hyperdrive propulsion system that is supposed to let you travel thousands of light years in a couple of hours (we wonder how seriously this toy drone will take the Hyperdrive!)

The list of merchandise is not just limited to these drones as you can also lay hands on Lego Spaceships, costumes and the usual full size light saber toys which will help you tackle the dark forces. The massive unboxing video below will walk you through the unboxing of all the Star Wars goodies including the Stormtroopers. BB-8 is another interesting Star Wars droid that pairs to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you drive, message and patrol.

Instead, you can check this brief video to get an idea

The drones are manufactured by Air Hog and the BB-8 Droid is manufactured by Orbitox. The X-Wing and Millennium Falcon drones are up on sale in US for $109.99 and $69.99 respectively. The drones would soon be available internationally and they would be a great buy even of you are not a Star Wars fan.

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