These days, almost every premium smartphone out there comes with a fingerprint reader built-in and most recently, we’ve seen even cheaper handsets get this feature. However, chances are that you’re still using the old ways of securing your device, such as a password or a pattern lock on your device, as you don’t have this option. fingerprint-app-lock

There are plenty of apps out there which can provide a workaround solution in case you don’t have a fingerprint reader embedded. One such tool is App lock Finger Print from SUXD developer which locks any app you wish by using your fingerprint and your smartphone’s camera. I’ve tried the app myself and can confirm that it works as advertised.

Before being able to lock apps with your fingerprint, you first have to scan your index finger a couple of times so that the app could remember the pattern. After that, you can select whatever app you like and set up the fingerprint locking method. And whenever you or somebody else will try to open it, they will have to match the pattern.

The app also supports pattern and password PIN lock and you can enable lock preferences for each separate app. According to the developer, it seems that a future update will allow users to lock files, as well, and this is going to be even more useful.

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