The Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball isn’t a new gadget, but it’s one that has finally become available for consumers in the United States and Europe. Released back in 2013, this cute robotic duster has been available only for Japanese customers, but you can now buy it from for a price of $38 or £25 for European consumers.


Of course, this robotic duster isn’t as powerful or as evolved as Roomba or others, but it’s definitely far cuter and is a much, much cheaper way to dust and mop your floors. Also, at this price, the Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball doesn’t get any sensors nor specific software, so in this regard, this is more of a cat toy than a gadget to keep your house clean.

Therefore, you really shouldn’t have high expectations from it when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in your home, but I think you can rely on it to entertain your cat while you’re not home.

However, the duster will try to clean up as much as it can, roaming freely around your home picking up dust and filth. What’s nice about it is that it will change direction whenever it encounters an obstacle.

The gadget has an internal timer that pauses it after 15 minutes until disturbed again so that it saves battery. The duster will clean for about three hours of non-stop use by using three AA batteries. The device is coated with a pink microfibre that can be brushed clean and you can easily remove it in order to wash it.

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