Yes, I know the Moto G was not a spec beast, but then, we are not fighting on specs. We are all about pure experience,” thus spoke Motorola India’s Amit Boni at the launch of the Moto X Play earlier today.

Well, the company certainly seems to have extended its philosophy to its press releases as well. For, the press release of the Moto X Play released in India does not contain even a SINGLE hardware or software specification – unless you count the mention of the capacity (16 GB and 32 GB) which are mentioned as the two variations in which the device is available! This is about the closest the release comes to mentioning what is in the phone:

It gives you the best in class cameras, all-day battery, water-repellent design, meaningful software experiences, and personalisation options – all at a great price…



Yep, that’s it. In the entire release, there is no mention of:

a. The display size and resolution
b. The processor and RAM
c. The cameras and megapixel counts
d. The connectivity options
e. The version of Android

Yes, the amount of storage onboard does get mentioned but we suspect that is more to show the different models available and the price points.

No specs, just experience.
Even in the press release.
Heavens, NOW that is fighting on experience, Moto!

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