When you put Google and WiFi together, you can think of a couple of things – Google Fiber, Project Fi or the new OnHub wireless router. But now it seems that Google wants to extend its WiFi initiatives to Indian soil, where it’s believed to bring free high speed WiFi access to almost 400 railway stations throughout the country.


The project is allegedly codenamed Project Nilgiri after one of India’s famous hill stations. At the heart of this initiative is Google Fiber which will bring free WiFi to about 400 railway stations over a span of 4 months.

According to sources, it seems that the WiFi access will be granted after a mobile number verification done through a one-time password sent over SMS. The high speed WiFi will be available for the first 30 minutes only, and it will decrease to a slower, but still stable and active connection. The idea behind this is probably to offer a quick and fast way to check your mail, social profiles, send a message or just see what are the news real quick.

Bringing powerful WiFi to railway stations is just the first step of the project, as Google reportedly plans to provide internet access inside the trains, as well, with Pan India rumored to be the first partner. Google is also working with Railtel, a PSU which has an pptic fiber network running along railway tracks in rural and urban regions covering 70% of India’s population.

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