As it usually does, Apple doesn’t reveal all of the tech specifications of its newest iPhones, so it took a developer’s curiosity to find out that the device has 2GB of RAM. Now we’re getting more details regarding the processor of the phone coming from Chinese regulatory agency TENAA.


The iPhone 6s listing on China’s TENAA reveals that the A9 under its hood is a dual-core SoC, clocked at 1.8GHz. The Apple A8X chip used on the iPad Air 2 last year had three cores, so many were looking for the A9 to feature the same number, but it seems Apple thinks a dual core SoC is still powerful enough.

But, as it does every year with its new iPhones, Apple does its magic and improves the overall experience. This time, Cupertino claims the A9 chip offers up to 70% faster performance at CPU tasks and up to 90% more powerful graphics performance over the previous kernel. The new iPhones 6S also features a slightly smaller battery in order to accommodate new technologies, such as the improved taptic machine and 3D Touch.

A teardown is going to take place in the near future most likely, so that’s when we will have more details regarding the innards of the world’s most desirable smartphone.



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