As anticipated, Xiaomi has pulled the wraps from Mi 4c at an event in China. The Mi 4c is expected to bridge the gap between Mi 4 and the Mi 4i. Design wise, the Mi 4c will bear resemblance with the Mi 4i and it will be available in two variants – one with a 2GB RAM/16GB storage and another with a 3GB RAM/32GB storage.


The Mi 4c will be a China first device and Xiaomi might very soon launch the device for the Indian market, followed by the other Asian markets where the company has a strong foothold. Xiaomi Mi 4c 16GB is priced at 1299 RMB (~$204) which roughly translates to about Rs 13,350 and at this price, the smartphone boasts of features like Type-C USB. The 32GB version is priced at 1499 RMB. The good part though is that Xiaomi will also provides an USB Type-C adapter accessory, just to ensure reverse compatibility.

On the imaging front, the Mi 4c features a 13-Megapixel primary sensor with PDAF phase focusing along with a new edge touch technology that allows users to capture photos by touching the edges. The edge touch will come in handy if you want to operate selected features without actually touching the display. Another icing on the cake is the dynamic refresh rate, which will vary the screen refresh rate according to the type of content being accessed thus saving on the precious battery juice. By the way this is the similar to the dynamic refresh technology Apple iPad Pro comes with. The screen module has been narrowed down to enrich the user experience and reduce the total footprint of the device as well.

The Mi 4c will be powered by a 3080mAh battery pack and will come in funky “bubblegum colors” (That’s what Xiaomi prefers to call it!) including white, metallic grey, lemon yellow and blue lake.

Xiaomi Mi 4c will draw its computing power from the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 SoC (the same one as in LG G4) and on the imaging front, will feature a 13-Megapixel primary camera and a 5-Megapixel secondary camera which manages to squeeze around 6-7 people, thanks to the full frame 24mm wide-angled camera.


The display shapes up in the form of a 5-inch FHD screen. Frankly speaking, the Mi 4c looks to be more impressive than the ongoing Mi 4 and until Xiaomi releases its next flagship, the Mi 4c is a worthy mid range device, in case you are looking out for a powerful mid range smartphone with class leading features and an affordable price tag. We just hope that Xiaomi will not restrict this device to the Chinese market and release it soon for the Indian markets.

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