There are millions out there who rely on Gmail as their main email client, and I’m sure that for many out there, including myself, it is an gmail-android-bloclessential tool in our daily activities. So it is Google’s responsibility to make sure their product is getting frequent and useful updates.

And such seems to be the case with this fresh announcement. Google has added a new feature to Gmail, allowing users to block specific email addresses very easily. The new option will first start rolling out for Gmail on the Web, and it will make its way on the Android app “over the next week.”

The block sender option puts the email address into a block list and make sure that all future emails will go in to the spam folder. Whenever you change your mind, you can unblock the sender in Gmail’s settings. Pretty basic and logical eh? Surprising that Google didn’t think of implementing it all this while.

gmail-android-unsubscribeI personally am very happy that this feature is finally here, as the ‘report spam’ didn’t always work as it should have (I’m looking at you stupid LinkedIn notification emails). Let’s just hope that the new feature will prove to be much more efficient. Sadly, Google hasn’t announced if and when the iOS Gmail app users will get these features.

The option to unsubscribe directly inside a certain email has been available on Gmail for Web for a while, and Google is now bringing it to Android users, as well. Thus, it will become really easy to opt out of eligible mailing lists directly from the Gmail app.

However, for the time being, Google hasn’t specified exactly when will mobile users get this new feature, but we’re hoping it will be soon.

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