Phone makers these days don’t innovative too much when it comes to the design of their handsets, and there are plenty out there who simply copy the design cues that have proved to be successful for the world’s most desirable smartphone, the iPhone.

Of course, there are such products as the Galaxy Edge or the YotaPhone, but these are just a few and they don’t really matter when compared to the vast majority of phones. But it’s still nice to see that these companies are trying to come up with products that are distinctive.

LG is apparently trying to come up with its own unusual concept, as well, as you can see from this image that has been leaked online by well-connected tipster evleaks. The handset is believed to pack a second ticker display just above the main screen.


As we can see from this image, the above  ticker display features shortcuts to various apps and system functions, such as Facebook, Twitter, contacts, messages, WhatsApp and others. The secondary display is believed to be touch-sensitive, but this isn’t an official information at the moment.

If the ticker display is indeed touch-sensitive, then this means LG has come up with a neat engineering trick, as this could mean that it’s separate from the rest of the screen. But this is just speculation at this point.

We can also see that there are two front-facing cameras, which is a nice and ingenious way to save up space. By looking at this pic, it makes me wonder whether it won’t be hard for the device to detect which app are you exactly trying to launch, as they are all crammed there, and one could accidentally launch another one or even two in the same time.

As for the rest of its specs, the LG V10 is said to feature the following:

  • 5.7-inch display with a 1440 x 2560 resolution,
  • six-core Snapdragon 808 processor
  • 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of expandable storage space
  • 16 MP rear camera with laser auto focus

The power and volume buttons are placed on the back of the device, which is a similar feature to other recently launched handsets from LG. The LG V10 is said to be announced next week, on October 1, during an event held in New York City, and that’s when we will be able to know more regarding it.

Source: evleaks

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