Micromax, India’s largest smartphone maker seems to have set its eyes on the US markets and in all probability will be making a foray starting next year. This move by Micromax is expected to swell its market share to a greater level thus enabling it to tackle Samsung globally. If Micromax is able to build up a success story in the US market, it can very well be the brand to look out for next year.


While I personally felt that their was a dearth of low cost affordable Android handsets in the US market a couple of years ago, ironically the things didn’t change when Huawei and ZTE entered the US markets. In fact, Xiaomi seems to be treading cautiously and is deliberating the move to enter the US market fearing being sued up for lack of patents (the same reason why Xiaomi is preparing a warchest of patents and gearing up its R&D).

The Information also revealed that Micromax was considering introducing the YU brand in the US but the company’s co-founders unanimously decided not to do so, regardless of the fact that YU devices are selling like hot cakes in India, thanks to the Cyanogen and the <$200 sticker price. India has been touted to become the second largest smartphone market in the world and this is the very fact that is attracting a slew of smartphone manufacturers who are lining up to build a business in India. [techcontentad name="same"] The scene in the US is slightly different as the way the brand is perceived is very important for any consumer electronics manufacturer to make a mark. Since Micromax is totally an alien brand, it would definitely take some efforts from the company to grow the brand in the country and this doesn't seem so tough since Micromax has already earned a reputation for itself in the Indian market. That being said, this is not the first time Micromax has wandered off the Indian soil, it is infact ranked as the tenth largest smartphone vendor in Q1 this year. A major chunk of the sales is in the Asia-Pacific, Eastern European, Middle East and the North African regions.

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