The Chromecast was long overdue for a successor and it did take some time for Google to come out with a worthy successor for the Chromecast. The device itself failed to throw surprises at us, as we had already been familiar with the Chromecast, thanks to the slew of rumors. Now the device does come in a rather chic design and bright colors, but that is not what the Chromecast 2 is all about. The new Chromecast attempts to provide a more comprehensive solution by adding features which will help users discover content. Check out some of Chromecast nifty skills.


New Chromecast Application

Content discovery had always been a perennial problem with the Chromecast, but the new Chromecast app seems to be designed just to address that. The application comes with curated menu like “What’s On” which will tell you what’s trending on the Play Store, YouTube and other video streaming apps on your Android device. The best part is that the search bar searches for the program across different streaming apps and the Fast Play option pre-caches the show before it is played, thus reducing the buffering ordeal drastically.

Prettier Formfactor

Well, the Chromecast will no more stick out like a sore thumb and instead, the new design imparts it a new chic look. The lollipop shaped Chromecast comes in bright colors just to lighten up the mood, Google pushed the envelope further and claims that the new shape will improve its WiFi strength and the video can be cast in 1080p anywhere, provided the device supports it. The wireless antenna uses a dual band 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Chromecast Audio


There is no denying that we usually carry all our multimedia in our phones or tablets the simple reason being accessibility. Chromecast Audio wants to cast the spell further by letting users cast for any speakers connected to your home network. This can be done by using a cast enabled application and simply switching on the music, the best part is that anyone can control the playlist without even actual pairing. Alternatively you can also setup a guest mode which would let the guests cast their playlist by detecting the presence of a special Wi-Fi beacon and the 4-digit PIN. But yes, it’s a separate hardware altogether which sets you back by $35.

Application Support

Chromecast is utterly useless if it does not support the streaming apps you use, Google has now extended the number of applications and this adds a whole new dimension of possibilities for Chromecast users. However it would have been great if games had been included out of the box. Instead, Google is promising super fast remote display API which makes it super easy to cast your phone screen and play the game on your TV screen.

Google Photos


Well, if you were one of the blokes loving Google’s new Photos app than its time to be happy about it. The new Chromecast will finally support Google Photos, so next time you want to show off your holiday pictures to your friends, do it in style by casting the app on the big screen.

Gaming Galore

We wouldn’t go all the way and call the new Chromecast a gamers delight, but yes it can add a whole new dimension by allowing users to play some selected game titles from your smartphones or tablet. The entire family can get together and play games using their phones as gaming pad. As of now, Google has already announced support for titles including Angry Birds Go!, WGT Golf and Driver Speedboat Paradise.

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