iRobot has been in the business of manufacturing cleaning robots and the only way one could buy the cleaning robot in India was to import it from the US, now all that is set to change as Puresight Systems, a Bengaluru based company has been awarded the distributorship for iRobot. Not only does this deal mean that we can buy the iRobots in India, but also get support for the after sales.


Puresight will be bringing iRobot’s Roomba and Braava variants for the Indian markets. The Roomba will be made available in five variants starting from Rs 32,000 for Roomba 620 up to Rs 69,900 for the Roomba 880. If you feel the price for the cleaners are high, then iRobot also offers an affordable dry and wet mode cleaner called Braava, which is priced at Rs 27,900.

The iRobot cleaners are much more than usual vacuum cleaners, as they come fitted with optical sensors, better battery life and improvised suction. The new Roomba 800 series boasts of five times more power than its predecessor and with the integration of HEPA filters, it captures 99 percent of small particles, even ones as small as a micron.

iRobot has opened up an exclusive showroom in Bengaluru and it will soon spread its wings on a PAN India basis.

Both the iRobot offerings come with a 1-Year warranty on the machine and 6-months warranty for the battery as per the website listing. The Roomba just needs you to press a button and it will automatically map the floor and clean out the area. At a time when most of us are busy with our work and getting domestic help is proving to be difficult these Robots fit the bill perfectly. We just hope that the prices are further squashed with the increase of demand so that iRobot can think about mass manufacturing the cleaners for India.


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