There are plenty of new Android apps and games being released on the Play Store, and it’s our job to find some of the best there are. Go ahead and check out our previous roundup before we start listing down all the new items for this edition. This time we’ve got two new apps coming from Google, but also a bunch of other interesting ones. So let’s have a look at what’s on for this time.

Google Meter (Free)


Google’s new Meter app is described as a “data-driven live wallpaper displays the battery level, wireless signal and number of notifications of your device in a simple visualization”. The wallpaper cycles through three visualizations with every unlock, allowing you to manipulate the wallpaper by tilting and moving the phone. Meter is a new project from Google’s Creative Lab which will tell you when you might want to charge your device or use cellular instead of Wi-Fi. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think of it, because we enjoyed this concept.

SwiftKey Neural Alpha (Free)

SwiftKey Neural Alpha is a new experimental keyboard app that uses artificial neural networks to predict and correct your typing. There is a plethora of keyboard apps out there, but this is something totally different. It is based on neural networks, the subfield of artificial intelligence inspired by the structure and operation of the human brain. The app can understand word similarity and complex word relationships and it also analyses longer sentence context. It is optimized for Android 4.4+ and currently supports English (US) only.

Delhi Public Transport Offline (Free)


The second new app from Google this week is Delhi Public Transport Offline, which at the moment is an experimental app, meaning its features may change quickly based on usage and feedback from our users. The app comes with route planning and directions for Delhi Metro and bus. At the moment it supports DMRC Metro, DTC bus, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, and DIMTS Orange buses. The app works offline and also lets you look up timings and schedules for any Delhi Metro line or Bus number.

Astro Party (Free)

Astro Party is the latest game from developer Noodlecake Studios, described as the “ultimate casual party game.” Up to four players can play this game on one device, which makes it really fun. Your mission is to control the hilarious spaceships in a competitive deathmatch. There are just two button controls, three game modes and dynamic arenas. Have a look at the above video and decide whether you’d be interested in something like this.

BuzzFeed News (Free)


If you’re a reader of news website BuzzFeed, then you’ll be happy to hear the official BuzzFeed News app is now available for Android users. This new app will bring only serious reporting, so use to get the latest updates on major breaking news from the world of business, technology, politics, or entertainment. Go ahead and give it a try if you’re disappointed in your current news apps or you’re a fan of the site.

Adidas Snapshot (Free)


I’m sure there are many football lovers out there (soccer for those in the US) who are Android users, as well.  The new Adidas Snapshot helps them to discover how well they can strike a soccer ball. Touted as the world’s first soccer tracking software on your smartphone, the app lets you record your shots with friends and discover the speed, angle and distance of your strikes. It also comes with real time and super slow-motion video playback and lets you apply stunning visual effects inspired by official adidas footballs like the Finale or Conext.

Champ Man 16 (Free)

Champ Man 16 from iconic game maker Square Enix is here for all the lovers of the football management genre. The new game has been expanded to 20 seasons, bringing a new Objectives system, improved Matchday graphicsm, all the latest transfers following the closure of the transfer window, Singapore & Australian leagues as well as south American & Asian Champions Cups. So if you have been waiting for this update, go ahead and give it a try.

ClickMe (Free)

ClickMe – Reminder in a click is a brand new app for Android users that I’m thoroughly enjoying. The app helps you capture any reminder in a matter of seconds, and is one of the best apps in its field. It’s very easy to create a reminder, as you will see how it’s being explained in the above video. After installing this app, I had to remove some others that simply have been undercut by this simple yet highly efficient concept of ClickMe.

Cosmic-Watch ($4.99)

The new education app Cosmic-Watch from Celestial Dynamics is one of the most complex I’ve seen in a while. This is an interactive learning tool that helps you understand the concept of the celestial sphere and the apparent movement of the sky. The app brings the local time anywhere on Earth, lets you explore any planetary positions in the past, present and future allowing you to determine the exact time of sunrise or sunset with the horizon. It’s even possible to find out your ascendant and planets in retrograde and make use of the solar eclipse detector.

Eternity Warriors 4 (Free)

Eternity Warriors 4 is the latest action game from Glu Mobile. You play as the mighty Warrior and you will be able to craft or discover rare armor, weapons and loot to enhance your abilities. It is possible to ugrade both active and passive skills, use the new Rage Mode and also enter the arena to battle other players online in epic matches.

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