The upcoming new smartphone from OnePlus, which for all indications be called – OnePlus X – has been revealed on the listing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US. The model number listed by the FCC is One E1005.


One important thing to note here is that device is over 150mm in height, which points towards a 5.5-inch screen instead of the smaller 5 or 5.2-inch device we have been seeing in rumors till now. The design is clearly different from both OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, and has a flatter back with what looks like glossy plastic, unlike Sandstone texture we had seen in the earlier two models. Must say that it strongly resembles the iPhone 4 with its blocky design.

The FCC documents further indicate that the OnePlus E1005 has a 1.9GHz processor and support for LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and FM radios. Also, the battery capacity is mentioned as 2450mAh, which is pretty small if we assume it’s a 5.5-inch screen, although we still don’t know the display resolution.

OnePlus has scheduled a press briefing in Bangalore later today, and we will be covering the event. Although, we really hope to hear more about the OnePlus X at the event, we are afraid the announcement is more to do with the ‘Make in India’ campaign. But then we will be very happy to be proven wrong this time around.


Source: Verge
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