Apple’s new Live Photo feature on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been loved by most. The feature as such is nothing futuristic and it’s just more of a light video option which will let users play with, something very similar to the GIFs yet lighter than the short video clips. Live Photos are something you can see and show only on your iPhone as Apple doesn’t let you share them, and this is where Live GIF will come to your rescue.


Live Photos is not a separate app and every picture that we take on the iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus by default is a live photo. The live camera app captures two photos at a 2.5 sec interval before and after capturing the actual shot. The best part is that the image quality will still stick to 12-Megapixel.

The Live photos however cannot be viewed on other platforms unlike the GIF flies which are invariably platform agnostic. Live GIF is one such application which will let users convert the live photos into GIF files with a single touch thus letting users share the file without worrying about the compatibility at the receiving end.

The application will also give you an option to convert the Live photos to MOV format, just in case. The Live GIF app immediately searches for all your live photos and shows them to the users along with some built in 3D touch actions which will help them to preview it before creating a GIF. The new Live photos can be seen only on i0S 9 and sharing such photos to the non-iOS users had been the point of pain, thankfully that will be eliminated with this app.

Additionally if you are in mood for some fun you can also try out the HIP Gif, an application for creating animated stickers out of your pictures. The Live GIF app is available for download on the iTunes and is priced modestly at $1.99.

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