These days we’re hearing a lot of talk about 3D printers, and not so much regarding 3D scanners. The reason for that might be the fact that the interest isn’t as big, but there’s a new device called Eora 3D which could make everybody curious about its concept.


To put it very simple, Eora is a 3D scanner which creates high-quality digital scans using only a smartphone. By using it, you can capture physical objects and surfaces and turn them into digital models, thus removing the need for sophisticated equipment.

The team behind the project has tried to harness the power and optics of a modern smartphone, which allowed it to reduce many of the traditional parts that are usually found inside 3D scanners, such as processors, cameras, turntable design, projected light scanners and laser-based scanners. Instead they have focused on the laser technology so that the final product would have a very high scanning precision.

You can scan objects and surfaces large or small with a range of up to 1 meter and a tripod mount for your smartphone. The Eora 3D Scanner comes equipped with a Green Laser which allows for better scans and high-precision. The green spectrum allows to users to scan in a variety of lighting conditions, and even outdoors.

A typical scan with the Eora 3D Scanner takes just 5 minutes, and the result is displayed right on the screen, as you can see from the video from below. It can analyze up to 8 million points in just 5 minutes, which is indeed quite amazing. It also comes with a wireless Bluetooth turntable which makes the scanning of smaller objects even easier.

The chassis is a single piece of extruded 6061 aluminum, allowing it to maintain the rigidity of the entire system and the body is also designed to ensure no vibrations occur doing the laser scanning.

You can still buy one Eora 3D scanner for $289, and you will also get a Bluetooth Turntable as well as $10 3D Hubs credit. The retail price will be $399, so if you’re looking to buy one, now would be the best time. At the time of writing this the team has already managed to obtain $170,000 ($80,000 was the initial goal) with 29 days still left to go.

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