Google seems to be fixing some of the most annoying problems with Chrome browser. While sometime last year they came up with an icon to show which of the tabs is playing audio, the new update will further allow users to mute the noisy tabs, and although it might seem like a small feature it does come with lots of use cases.


I personally open around 25-30 tabs in my Chrome browser at any instance, call me lazy or shabby but I feel the need for all the tabs to be open. Thanks to the auto playing ads, the speakers go berserk with some random music being played out, the only option till now was to totally close the tab (or mute the audio on my device), but with the new mute option, we can just mute the tab individually.

The auto play videos have put many of us in an embarrassing situation before they open up anytime anywhere – even in places that have a quiet ambience. Muting the system volume would restrict us from using Audio from other sources and sometimes the tabs are too important to be closed.

Mozilla, which as of now doesn’t has any sort of Audio control features for tabs is prepping up a similar feature. The Firefox 42 Beta will include both an indicator to show which tab is playing the audio plus an option to mute the same. The very fact that the options will let us switch off the music without actually opening the tab makes it even more convenient. The new feature is already baked in the 46.0.2490.71 version of the Chrome Browser.

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