If you are looking for yet another cool dashcam to try with your car, then you need to have a look at Waylens, which is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Waylens is described as “a beautifully crafted camera system that empowers drivers to easily capture, edit, and share interesting moments right from the road“.


Waylens has been designed with drivers in mind, as it can capture, manage and store all your best moments behind the wheel. Once started, the camera will automatically capture interesting clips based on your driving data. It also comes with a free companion mobile app which allows users to quickly identify and share their most interesting moments within hours of footage.

The camera works with any vehicle with an OBD-II port and brings a range of internal sensors: 10 Hz GPS, 9 axis motion sensor (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer), barometer. It also gets a OLED display which doubles as a user customizable gauge, bringing up any of the supported OBD-II codes in real time.

The Waylens mobile app features powerful editing tools through a simple interface. The Waylens camera can be mounted to a windshield by using the suction cup mount. You can also rotate it 360 degrees, allowing you to capture the road or moments happening inside the car.

By plugging right into your car’s diagnostics port, Waylens can pull vital information about your drive, such as the road speed, engine speed, boost pressure and overlay it on the resulting video. It also makes use of the microphones, so you will have sound in your videos, as well. The data supplied from the car is also used for on-the-fly editing. The app will figure out which parts of your trip are boring and will cut them. There’s also a remote attached to the steering wheel, allowing you to quickly share your videos on social media, to brag in front of your friends or just to share a beautiful view.

At the time of writing this, the company has already obtained almost $350,000 from the initial goal of $55,000, with 21 days to go. You can get one for $299 ($200 off retail price), which includes the following – camera, vehicle OBD-II data connector, steering wheel remote, mount, and charging cable.


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