And just like that, another month comes to an end. But we’re saying goodbye to October by being our millennial self – creating a shareable GIF.

And then there’s a podcast app and a better way to turn all that boring spreadsheet data into interesting and interactive charts, all on your iPad. Let’s get to it.


1. Boomerang

Another month, another super niche Instagram app shows up. This is a good one though. As the description reads – “It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang.”

It’s also not a bird, or a plane.

It’s something in between.

Basically, with Boomerang, you can take a burst of shots, one after the other and then the app stitches it into a 1-minute video. I know that sounds a lot like a GIF but you need to see it to know what it really is. Read our post for more details.

It’s not as jarry as a GIF. It’s smooth, like a video. It’s kind of like Live Photos, but not really. It looks like fun, though, you should try it out.

2. Capitan

If you live in the US and with a nuclear family, this shared grocery list app might just save you a lot of time. Capitan is a smart grocery list app. Get all your family members on the app and share the grocery list with them. Anyone can add items.

So when you’re at the grocery store the next time, you won’t have to remember what all you were supposed to get. The app will tell you.

The app even goes further. When you’re at the store, other family members will get a notification saying so. So they can add something last minute. Capitan will also remember the grocery stores you visit and it will sort items based on the kind of stores.

3. Live GIF

This one’s for all the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus folks out there. One of the highlighting features of the new phones is Live Photos. When you tap that capture button, instead of just saving a still picture, the phone will also record a couple of seconds of video before and after.


And when you 3D Touch a Live Photo, it will be played back, like a GIF. While you can export Live Pictures as videos and share them to others with iOS 9 and OS X El Cap devices, there’s no social sharing feature built in.

Live GIF ($1.99) is here to take care of that. With the app, you can instantly generate a GIF of your Live Photo and share it with any network you want – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all of it.

4. Overcast 2.0

Podcast fans, prepare to meet your next favorite podcast client. Overcast is a podcast client by Marco Arment, the maker of Instapaper. It’s been around for a year but the 2.0 upgrade is something that will finally make you try it out.


Overcast 1.0 was also a free app, but you had to pay $4.99 to enable features like Volume Boost and Smart Speed (amazing features, that have since been copied by competitors).

Now though, the entire app is free. There are no restrictions on any sort of features. If you like a well designed, simple podcast app and if smart playlists interest you, you really should give Overcast 2.0 a try.

Marco has shifted to a patronage model. If you’d like to support Overcast development, you can pay $1 per month. But there’s no pressure.

5. Vizable for iPad

Vizable is a free iPad app that’s really tired of looking at your boring spreadsheets. Seriously.

Throw in your Excel sheet, Numbers document or even a CSV file and let Vizable do its thing. You know how you can select a table in Excel and turn it into a chart? Vizable does the same thing. Only it creates beautiful and more importantly, interactive charts.

So you can actually pan and zoom around in charts to get a different perspective.

Nobody likes looking at your spreadsheets. Convert them into fun little charts and you might just have a chance at the next regional meeting.

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