Facebook has been evolving rapidly and we have seen many verticals in the recent past including the Facebook Mentions and the Facebook M virtual assistant which is yet to be rolled out. Facebook is all set to roll a new update which will bring a new set of cards similar to the ones already on the Google Now. The cards will update the users about their favorite TV Show, Weather and other related News stories. For readers’ convenience, News will be curated under different categories and the best part is the fact that Facebook takes into account the sharing frequency of the stories, thus displaying the trending stories.


The news feed just doesn’t stop at that but it will also include the places of interest, dining outlets and events in the vicinity. The Cards feature is not something new as we have been seeing Google and SIRI implement it a long time ago but considering the huge Facebook user-base and the level of engagement, it’s a significant development for sure.

Facebook is something we check over and over again and this will help the company to push in relevant updates and also increase the chances of it being seen. Being a Social Media platform, Facebook has more insights to the usage patterns and the level of engagement of the users. That being said, it all depends on how well they will implement the cards, the level of personalisation will be the key. Another hurdle for Facebook is the fact that unlike Google, we are not using it to keep a track of our schedule or syncing up the meetings, so maybe they can introduce cards to show who has liked my post on a real time basis. That being said, Facebook won’t be forcing down the cards down the throats of the users and will let us “Add” or “Delete” the cards. In all Likelihood Facebook will also allow users to revert back to the old Notification system in case they don’t like the new one.


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