The Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions, but it obviously has its own downsides, as well. One of these is exposing kids to all kinds of unfiltered information that could harm them. And while it’s impossible to keep an eye on their activity all the time everywhere they go, there are devices to protect them at least when they’re home.


Meet Torch, a new smart WiFi router which gives “parents the oversight they need and children the boundaries they crave“. The router comes with a pause button for the internet, which is profile-specific, meaning it will only have effect on your kids’ sessions. Torch reports your children’s actual browsing history, being able to access the pages that have been opened in incognito mode and those that have been erased from the browser’s history on the router. And when you find something that you don’t like, you can easily banish sites from your home.

The pause button is a really useful tool as it allows you to stop your kids’ online browsing session for dinner time, or whenever you feel that they’ve had just enough and it’s time to go outside and play. The router also lets you set a bedtime, which can be different for each child. Thus, when the moment arrives, there’ll be no more discussion, as there will simply be no internet.


Torch also shows you how much data is being used by each child and you can see where they spend the most of their online activity – social media, education or gaming. There are plenty of software out there which help you set parental controls, but Torch makes it much more easy and does so directly from the source of your home’s connectivity – your router. Here’s why the team from Torch has decided to opt for a router in their effort to protect their little ones online:

We get that not all parents have the time or interest to delve into the nitty-gritty of the internet so we wanted a simple product that centralizes the management of the internet to one spot in your home; the router. Rather than having to manage each and every device your children interact with, parents tap into the existing infrastructure of the internet. Because of our simple user interface, moms and dads everywhere can easily harness that power to protect their family.

The router also comes with a USB port which will eventually be used for printers and hard drives. Currently, you can get one unit for a price of $125 or more, but once this limited price ends, it will increase to $145 and then to $160.

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