Browsers have remained pretty much the same through the years, except for a handful of new features. Vivaldi set out on a mission to change this by readying a browser meant for power users, who would love to squeeze a little bit extra from their browsers. Vivaldi has moved out from Alpha and hit the Beta stage, which means that even you can take the new browser for a ride and see if it fits your bill.


Vivaldiā€™s Technical preview has already hit the 2 million downloads and with the new beta release, the browser claims to be better and faster. Vivaldi is like the Cyanogen OS of browsers and it brings to table a bunch of customisation options and increased control over the tabs.

The tab management in this browser allows you to group tabs under different categories and give them a unique theme. The best part of the Vivaldi browser is that it allows you to recover the tabs you closed by providing a trashcan option in the tab bar which is a huge sigh of relief, specially for people like me who tend to close the browser unintentionally, resulting in a loss of work.

Apart from the usual bunch of shortcuts, Vivaldi comes with gesture feature which will allow users to open their favorite website by just scribbling the command. Another takeaway from the Vivaldi browser is the note taking feature which will let you take notes along with the links so that it becomes easier for you to know the relevance of the bookmark.

Vivaldi also comes with Web Panel which is akin to widgets and is handy if you want to access your news feeds and other stuff at a single place in the browser. Before you ask, Vivaldi supports most of the Chrome extensions so that you will not feel alienated. The browser boasts of several other features which pivot on the concept of people first and it would take us some time to gauge out these features and see how they impact a usual run of the mill browsing experience.

While most of the other new browsers are running after mobile platforms, Vivaldi has done it the other way around. Although they would be coming up with a mobile browser in the near future, it is good to see them dedicate the efforts to build a browser for PC first, as many still feel that using PC for browsing and shopping is far from over and kicking everyone to an app only platform is immature.

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One thought on “Vivaldi Browser Shifts to Beta After 2 Million Downloads

  1. ” Vivaldi is like the Cyanogen OS of browsers”

    I think you mean CyanogenMod and not Cyanogen OS.

    ” specially for people like me who tend to close the browser unintentionally”

    But why? And How?

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