Microsoft has been hosting an event called Future Unleashed to explore the many ways in how technology is empowering people and impacting the business across difference sectors. Satya Nadella delivered his keynote and the event is presided by key government stakeholders and industry veterans like Anand Mahindra from the Mahindra Group, Axis Bank head Shikha Sharma and the Starbucks CEO Avani Davda.


Satya during his keynote not only restricted the talks to the business but also unravelled Microsoft plans when it comes to releasing the Surface Pro 4 and the Lumia Flagships for the Indian market. Nadella said that the phone which he is currently using, Microsoft Lumia 950 XL will be available in India by December this year. He further added that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be coming to India by January 2016.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10 for Mobile this month along with the fall update for the Windows 10 PC and the Xbox. The Redmond company is snowballing the success of Windows 10 and caching the opportunity to bring about a powerful Windows ecosystem. The Windows Dock and the Continuum are just some of the efforts taken by the company to stich the Windows products together, something that Apple has been doing from long.

On the other hand, Microsoft has been focussing on bringing their apps to the non-Windows platforms and Satya in fact showcased an entire iPhone screen populated with Microsoft apps. He also outlined Microsoft plan on how they will be ushering a slew of innovations in personal computing and want to create a full PC experience from the phone.

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