It seems that these days routers are becoming cool again, thanks to efforts coming from Google and others. We’ve seen recently the OnHub router being announced and Torch, which is a smart WiFi router that protects your kids online. And today we’re talking about another useful one called Luma.


Luma is a new router which wants to give you easy-to-use wireless security, monitoring and device connections. Its unique feature is called “surround WiFi” which implies it makes use of multiple routers by increasing coverage throughout your home. Each added device requires no additional setup as the system updates and tunes the signals automatically in order to “always offer peak performance and speed.”

How the router works is pretty much similar to the Sonos WiFi speaker. The router also comes with “enterprise-grade” security and parental controls with device-level customization, so in this direction it’s very useful for parents, as well. The router comes with a smartphone app that allows you to easily control the entire activity happening in your network. You can block unwanted users, connect devices without a password or set website ratings for your children, add timers to control how long your kids stay online and even monitor user browsing.

Each Luma router comes with two dual-band radios on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands using 802.11ac Wave 2. By using multiple units, it creates a mesh WiFi network, which brings more speed and kills dead corners. You can see in the video below how the specific ‘surround WiFi’ technology works like.

If you are interested in this device, you will have to pay $249 for three devices ($99 per device) for the next 30 days, then climb to $199 per device and $499 for a three-pack. Pre-orders are already open and shipping will start in early 2016.

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