These days, there’s a lot of talk regarding our privacy and more and more people are concerned about their online data. Well aware of this change in the behavior of its users, Google has now released a new tool to help with that, called ‘About me’.


The new tool lets you view what data the company is holding on you and what other people can see. ‘About me’ makes it very easy to add or delete the information as you please. There are things that you can’t change, such as your first name or your birthday, but you can remove your surname or change your birthday details.

Anything you change on the About Me page will be reflected across all of Google’s services, so if you feel like too much of your data is being disclosed, then this is the tool you need to know. Sure, for those who are aware, the main About me page is pretty much a duplicate of the About tab of your Google+ profile, but it’s designed to be used as an independent and more central tool.

As you can see for yourself, About me surfaces separate work and personal contact info cards, allowing you to add phone numbers, email addresses, chat IDs and postal addresses. And at the bottom of each of these cards, you can change who sees the information – the Public, people from your own organization or specific sub-sets of your G+ circles.

Furthermore, privacy levels for cards and entries are clearly marked, featuring a big green globe for when the whole world can see your data and a lock to indicate that an entry is only visible to you. It also comes with a built-in link to Google’s Privacy Checkup, letting you decide and configure what you want to be visible about you across various Google services.

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