The Canadian manufacturer is trying hard to make a comeback and thus it developed a new obsession with Android. First the Priv and now BlackBerry seems to be working on another full fledged Android phone codenamed the “Vienna”. The recently ousted renders show the phone in full glory. The first thing that is obvious when we look at the renders is that Vienna is fitted with a permanent keyboard that is placed under the touchscreen, unlike Priv which comes with a slider keyboard. The phone might be large dimensionally as it accommodates both a physical keyboard and a full size screen.


BlackBerry seems to be a firm believer in the saying “Better late than never” thus chucking out their once popular BlackBerry OS for Android, albeit partially. We experienced the Android on the Priv, thanks to the BlackBerry simulator. The Vienna looks good in the renders and the keyboard seems to be of same size as the Priv, that being said it is still premature for us to judge just by the renders.

The Android bet for BlackBerry seems to be going on pretty well as the Priv has gathered some good reviews from the tech fraternity, but at the same time we just hope the company is not too late to jump on the Android bandwagon. Surprisingly the BlackBerry still has some patrons left who swear by the physical keyboard but are forced to swap for an Android or iOS due to other shortcomings, the Priv and the Vienna will be a perfect last minute bait to retain these customers. Moreover the smartphone industry is still devoid of phones with physical keyboards and that will be the only Window of opportunity for BlackBerry. Apparently, BlackBerry is working on Android phones devoid of physical keyboard as well, but for now, their hopes are firmly placed on the ones with physical keyboard.

What do you think of this concept? Considering these are just renders and can change in the future, do you like t suggest any changes or like it as it is?

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