In this digital era it might come as shocking to most of us that a sizable number of villages in India are still un-electrified, which essentially translates into the fact that these villages never had the “Luxury” of using electricity. This report says that as of August 2013, 32,227 villages of India were yet to be provided with electricity access. Although the report is two-year-old, now the number has apparently come down to 18,500, and the electrification process in still ongoing.


Mr Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister of State for Coal, Power and Renewable energy has been standing strong by the Government’s commitment of achieving electrification of all un-electrified villages in India by 31st of March 2017 and the buck doesn’t just stop there as they have also introduced an Android app which will show the progress of electrification in the form of an intuitive dashboard.

The Android app has been designed well and it does what it claims to do, the live dashboard works on a real time basis and displays essential stats like number of villages electrified, number of villages surveyed and the status of each electric grid. It also breaks down the progress state wise along with the contact details of the Engineer in charge for that particular region.

The application is not just for us, as it also comes with a separate login for the GVAs (Gram Vidyut Abhiyantas) who are 309 in numbers and will be deployed at district level in order to help with the State Distribution Utilities. The Government seems to be further using the technological prowess to video conference between the authorities and sync up on a real time basis.

Lately, the Indian government has been coming up with initiatives which leverage technology to simplify the processes and add a much needed layer of transparency. Although not all of the initiatives are praiseworthy, but the fact still remains that government wants to put its best foot forward and employ technology to catalyze the ongoing processes.

However, the authorities should ensure that the level of transparency and data accuracy is consistently maintained. Don’t mistake the Grameen Vidyutikaran app for a shoddily built application which just takes you through the webpages, it in fact feels refined and intuitive as well. In case you didn’t know already, Government employee attendance dashboard was yet another initiative from the authorities which displayed the attendance of the employees on a real-time basis along with the number of active devices.

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