The Windows 10 Threshold 2 update has fixed many niggling issues and has also optimized the operating system to work faster on machines with lower specced hardware. The boot time has also improved considerably, and along with all these, the Fall Update 1511 also ushers a new feature called “Find my Device


The new feature might sound familiar as it was incorporated in Windows Phone 8.1, but this time around Microsoft has brought it for the Windows 10 PC build. Phone tracking has gotten popular in recent times, but not laptop tracking. Since we usually carry our PC with us while travelling, it is but obvious that the chances of the laptop being stolen or lost will exist. The Find My device feature is introduced to solve the problem by telling you the last location where the laptop was used.

In the past, we had written about many laptop tracking services and also a trick to use Dropbox to track the laptop, but this new Find My Device feature from Microsoft should be easier of them all.

We will walk you through a set of instructions to switch on the device finder feature and also set it up appropriately. The Find my Device will not be enabled by default and in order to enable it all you need to do is navigate to Settings>Update & Security>Find My Device.

This feature has been implemented only in the latest Windows 10 1511 update and will not be available if you’re still with the previous versions. This feature makes use of signal flares and redirect you to the last known location of the laptop, provided that the person in procession of the same connects to the Internet.

Toggle on the Find My device and switch it on, to find your lost device all you need to do is go to this link and login with your Microsoft account which is linked in with the device. Unlike the “Find My Phone” feature on the Windows 10, users won’t be able to wipe their data remotely. That being said, we also need to understand that by using this feature we are inadvertently giving Microsoft the permission to save our location history at regular intervals of time. But that’s a decent compromise we believe.

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