Google+, which was designed to take on the likes of Facebook had failed to take off and just when we thought it was going nowhere, Google has announced a new update. If you log in to your G+ account, you will see a prompt – after accepting it you will observe the entire layout being changed and minor changes in functionalities have crept in.


Google says that it has been getting a lot of traction on the communities, which is attracting nearly 1.2-million new joins every day along with the recently launched collections which the according to the company claims has been growing steadily. The communities end up as a place for people to discuss their topic of interests for example the Android community in Google+ has more than a million members who discuss the happenings in the world of Android.

Google has kept these two features at the centre, quiet literally and has redesigned the Google+. The communities and the Collections occupy the front and the centre, while the entire Google+ has been redesigned based on the interests. The mobile site also seems to have gone under the knife only making it faster and more consistent.

The new design can be accessed by clicking on the “Lets go” button when you see the prompt, fret not you can still rollback to the classic version if you are still not comfortable. The app updates for Android and iOS will start seeding soon. Google+ has never been personalized as Facebook and it has always been more about the conversations we would like to have with other people who share our interests, it has been more of a clean impromptu chat room. Although the Google + has been severely undermined by the Facebook’s popularity, it is still relevant and here to stay.

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