Facebook has been bringing about a few of changes to its platform and is evolving rapidly, now the social media giant wants to help people with their breakups and support them through the tough phase. Facebook has already started testing tools to assist people on how they are going to communicate with their Ex. This action is triggered when the person changes their relationship status to single, thus indicating they are no more in a relationship. Facebook will prompt them to try out some tools to help them cope up with the things in a better way.


The tools have an option which when enabled will show less of your partner’s name and profile pictures without having to block them completely, plus their posts won’t show up in the News Feed and their name will not be suggested while tagging and other activities.

Facebook users can also decide who can see the pictures with their former partner and also untag themselves from the photos in questions. The tools are currently being tested out in the US on the mobile app, and the global roll out will follow soon. Facebook hopes that these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook and move on, basically it is sort of a closure for the folks who have ended their relationship.

Facebook is getting scaringly personalized and the fact that they have the access to our most intimate details and personal histories can make some people jittery. Adding to that, it shouldn’t be such that Facebook is using these features for data mining and thus helping out advertiser to reach out to their customers in a better way, it won’t be surprising if Facebook starts asking if you wanted to order a chocolate or an ice cream after the breakup. The other way of looking at it is how Facebook is trying to help you handle tough times like a relationship breakup, considering the enormous social presence people have these days. It’s all out perspectives.

Are you happy about this development, or find it creepy?

Source: Facebook

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