Yahoo has confirmed that it is blocking some people from who use Ad-blocking software from accessing their Yahoo Mails. It also displayed a message asking users to disable ad-blocker on their browsers to access their mailbox.

The ad-blocking software on the other hand have told that they were able to work around the restriction, already. Ad-Blocking has been causing a hue and cry among the publishers & service advertisers, as their bread and butter still depends on the ads displayed on the website. Meanwhile, the ad-blocking policies have also not been forthcoming and white listing of ads by the ad-blockers is just one instance of the deviation.


On the other side of the turf, those in support of Ad-blocking say that disabling the advertisements will improve the smartphone battery life and also reduce the mobile data usage. That being said, Yahoo had recently got infected by a Malware attract via its advertisement networks on its homepage.

Blocking ads has been hurting the publishers from the beginning. The very fact that we as readers go to a site consume the resources and the content without giving anything back is indeed a sketchy equation. Since most of the sites are paid on per view basis, installing an ad-blocker would choke the revenue stream, almost instantly. Apple found themselves in a center of controversy when they baked in the ad-blocking software on the iOS 9.

On the other hand, publishers need to be sensitive about how ads are spread out on the websites real estate and they should be placed such that the reader’s user experience is enriched not denigrated. Yahoo is not the first one to block users with ad-blocking software from accessing the services as ArsTechnica, a technology site had tried the same half a decade back.

Source: BBC
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