Wearables are continuously evolving but the way we wear them remains the same. I have been hooked to a fitness tracker for almost a month and sometime find it as an unnecessary thing clinging to my skin and not to mention the inconvenience it causes while working. Chaotic Moon, a Texas based software design and development company seems to have worked on this aspect of the wearables and has readied a tattoo made out of hardware components and conductive paint to be etched on the skin along with the circuitry.


The Chaotic Moon’s innovation is still at infancy but it can still collect and upload health and informational data. The CEO, Ben Lamm told TechCrunch that “The future of wearables is bio wearables.

Since it cannot be removed easily like other fitness trackers, the Tech tats (that’s what they prefer to call these Cyborg Tattoos!) can be used for military purposes to collect the data and send it back. The tattoo is temporary in nature just like those old tattoos we used to fancy when we were kids. Once the tattoo is placed on your skin, it measures all your body vitals including body temperature and will also detect the stress levels. The information then is uploaded by using Bluetooth LE or low-frequency mesh networks. The tattoo can further be used by the parents to track their kids.

The utility aspect of these tattoos just doesn’t stop here since it can also be used to store your payment information and maybe next time you visit the departmental store maybe all you need to do is facepalm the NFC card reader!

The temporary tattoos might be the answer to the Military woes as the U.S Government has reportedly tied up with DARPA to implement permanent implantation, which of course involves invasive techniques. The Tattoo kits would be cheaper and can be people could stick it on them whenever they wanted to. Lamm further emphasized on the fact that tech tats are just a prototype now and the company is holding talks with strategic partners to bring the tats to the production line and eventually on your skins!

The bio wearables will also act as a great monitoring device for the patients, imagine a man with abnormal health conditions being hooked to one of these tattoos which monitors him on a real time basis, not to mention the big dump of data which will be available for analysis. The video below will walks you through some of the real life use cases for these bio wearables.


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