The rise in the mobile data consumption has been on an all-time high and a major chunk of this data is usually accessed using our smartphones and tablets. Chrome has been one of the most widely used browsers across all devices except for iOS where Safari takes the lead. Google had already baked up the data saver feature in to the Chrome browser and now it seems that they have further improvised the same in order to achieve about 70% percent of data reduction.


In fact when the mobile internet started gaining some traction and the data charges were sky high, people switched over to browsers like Opera which helped them save bandwidth and spend less money on the data bills. The new improvised data saver in Chrome will let you choose the images you want to see after the page has loaded, thus making the browsing experience fast and less costly.

Over the past year, Opera has made significant strides when it comes to data compression on mobile devices. Opera Max is capable of compressing variety of data – from images to videos to audio, and does that quite well. Google was facing heat from Opera to integrate data saving feature more aggressively than what it was doing till now and this seems to be an effort in that regard.

The feature will be initially rolled out for the Indian and the Indonesian markets, and will soon spread to other regions. The secure pages and the incognito pages will load without compression. To enable the feature go to Settings>Data Saver>Toggle it on. Earlier this year, Google had launched a Data saver app for the Chrome Desktop, it is but evident that Google doesn’t want users to make a jump for other browsers due to some shortcomings on the features front. A majority of other browsers have been from long working on the data compressing features and have also fine-tuned it at regular intervals.

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