Ad-Blockers have been creating quiet a hoopla in the recent times, while publishers are terming it up as something that could dry off their revenue streams, the ad-blockers are terming it as a necessary evil. While the debate and discussions on this topic can extend up to infinity, DoubleClick a Google owned ad-serving giant has pulled the wraps from a native ads platform aimed at defeating the ad-blockers.


This move comes at a time when publishers are pondering up on new ways to score revenues since a major chunk of it is being slowly depleted. With the inclusion of ad-blockers in iOS 9 the threat has been looming large over the publishers. Most of the free mobile apps have been relying up on the ads for their revenue and ad-blockers are even blocking these ads out. On the contrary, there are many websites who have been insensitive about the readers tastes and dishing out full screen ads thus impairing the readability of the website. This is an issue which can possibly be tackled by revising the algorithms and the terms of the ad networks like Google Adsense which makes it more of an ongoing process.

As predicted, content destinations are now forced to look at other streams of revenues and the ones that top the list are native adverts consisting of run of the mill advertorials, sponsored listings and promoted posts. DoubleClick will weave the ad into the user’s content cleverly thus defeating the ad-blockers.

Ebay was one of the first companies to try out the native advertising and according to DoubleClick, the company is witnessing an average increase of 3.6-times in ad-engagement along with some specific campaigns achieving a CTR of up to 5 percent.

DoubleClick Native ads will open up new avenues of advertising for the publishers and the companies that want to place the adverts. Although Native advertising as a concept is nothing new, the very fact that it is going to be carried out systematically on a dedicated platform adds a whole new dimension.

Since the threat of being detected by the ad-blockers or worst being loathed by readers will still exist, publishers will travel the extra mile to ensure that the adverts are tailor made to suit the viewers and enrich the reading experience instead of decaying it further.

On a related note, here’s an informative video by the awesome John Oliver regarding how native ads work


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