Last time around we had featured a small scale paper recycling machine that would chew the waste papers from Office and recycle them instantly. Now another interesting piece of innovation has shaped up in the form of Filmomat, a machine that can process the film negatives at home without the need for a dark room.


The device has a 6-litre water tank along with the bath area, chemical tanks and two dedicated development tanks. The first step involves filling up the tank and the water bath with fresh water. It has to be noted that the device is completely autonomous and it in fact comes with a 50-process memory which will let you define different processes and also save them with a unique ID. The process feature will facilitate greater control for the users as they can toggle all the settings and can also save presets for future use.


The film is then spooled into a common film spool and placed inside the developing tank. Now the user needs to pour the required chemicals into these three tanks and start the developing process. The water is heated with the help of a heater and the temperatures are displayed simultaneously, once the prerequisites are met the developing process starts. The chemicals are pumped into the tanks and in the meanwhile users can track the progress and all the other related stats on the machines display. In a nutshell, the Filmomat machine just needs you to deposit your film and it will do the rest.

The utility of the machine gives rise to a corollary, does anybody still use the films? Well with the advent of digital photography, film usage has undoubtedly hit the rock bottom, but it is still not dead. Some of the top photographers are said to use the films especially the format photographers, here are the top reasons why folks use films, curated by PetaPixels. That being said, the Filmomat is not a machine for the masses and it has been devised to charm a niche of buyers and looking at the functioning it just manages to do that, rather brilliantly.

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