Tablet as a device has been hit hard by the large screened phones which offer almost a similar degree of utility. As we have been seeing lately, the hybrid laptops have been picking up pace as they double up as machines people could work on. Pixel C from Google is the first tablet designed by Google themselves and the keyboard it comes with suggests how serious Google is with prepping the Android as a full-fledged computing OS. However, the very fact that Android apps are not yet optimized for this particular use case and the limited scope to multitask have developed a bottleneck.


Google is well aware of the challenges and limitations in this project and thankfully it is also addressing them duly.  Here is what Glen Murphy Android and Chrome UX director has to say “There are many things, like multi-window, that we’ve been spending a lot of time on-hopefully we can share more about this soon.”  He further added that “We’re working on lots of things right now for the N that, of course, we wish, you know, But we’d spoil the surprise of N if we shared all of them. Split screen is in the works!”

So that is it, Split Screen should make its way to Android N, although that’s like almost a year away. Apple had added identical functionalities to its iPad running iOS 9 and even some of the Microsoft Windows tablets boasted of the feature. The irony is that manufacturers like Samsung have already implemented the same in Android Ecosystem but native app support has been lacking.

The generic problem Android is facing when it comes to enriching the tablet with tailor made app is the difficulty with which they can make the layout scale for the big screens. All this just means one thing, Android is getting serious about turning the tablets into utilitarian machines. Here is the link to the Reddit AMA in which the Pixel C team tries to answer most of the queries regarding the Pixel C.

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