Product Hunt, every tech writer’s favorite place for source material saw a big new iOS release today. The 3.0 release for iPhone (and only for the iPhone) adds lots of stuff like a whole new UI with more focus on images, live chats, and new sections that make PH much more diverse than tech.

The most exciting thing though is podcast support. Finally.


A while back, PH added a Podcasts tab on the web. And much like it did for tech writers before us, this tab turned out to be a great source material for podcast fans.

Hunters would submit podcast episodes (note: not podcasts themselves) that they thought were cool and the community would use the upvote to decide their faith. The comments section also turned out to be interesting sometimes.

This was a great place to visit every day if you liked listening to podcasts (or rather, one-off podcast episodes) about startup stories, entrepreneur interviews, future of tech and something called growth hacking – but not so much that you’d actually subscribe to those podcasts and give them valuable mind space in your podcast app.

PH then became a great way to filter out the noise just as the podcast boom exploded. There’s no way you’re going to subscribe to all the podcasts (some that have 3 new episodes releasing every week!) but you would like to listen to the rare home runs. The gems that are surely hiding somewhere in the pool of audio.

And now you can enjoy all those podcasts on the go. Well, kind of.


The app’s Podcasts tab is much like the website’s – barebones. You can hit the Play button to listen to an episode, but you can’t do much else.

There’s no offline sync, no way to manage podcast episodes or any sort of queue. You can’t even control the podcast playback using Control Center or the Lockscreen controls.


I really hope that someday PH spins off the Podcasts section into its own app or some brave developer creates a fully featured app that uses the PH directory.

Until then the current incarnation will do just fine (used in tandem with my default podcast client). Because while I might be interested in giving this one interesting sounding episode of Smart Passive Income a shot, there’s no way I’m subscribing to it.

There’s a lot more to the 3.0 update actually. If you want an overview of the subtle changes and the new features, check out this Medium post that Ryan wrote that shows off the new release in 10 GIFs. Fitting, I think.


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