Microsoft has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to their translator application. Even Google Translator till now lacked the functionality Microsoft Translator offered. With the Windows 10, the translator app not only made it across the entire Windows system but it also marked its presence on iOS and Android. The app has picked up a new update that brings in a new feature called conversation.


The Conversation will allow two people speaking different languages to interact on a real-time basis. The app can be used on smartphones and also smartwatches. As of now it supports translations to and from Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It is most likely that Microsoft will keep on adding language packs. With this update, the Microsoft Translator app has become more powerful and Google has lots to catch up on when it comes to the Google Translator.

Here is what Microsoft had to say, “We worked on making the feature work well if you have just your phone with the app installed. However, it shines when you have two smart devices: your phone and your watch. It allows you to have a more comfortable and fluid conversation. Instead of two people having to bend over you phone, passing it back and forth, being far from the microphone, or being at an uncomfortably close distance with each other, you cannot face each other more naturally and at a more comfortable distance, while talking to each other in your own language, You can now fully benefit from the advantage of having a smart phone and a watch combo.


It is indeed fascinating to see Microsoft flooding their apps across other platforms, Windows Mobile used to be known for the strong suite of Office applications but now that has been extended across iOS and Android platforms. The publishers seem to have realized the fact that to gain a greater degree of traction they need to stick to a platform agnostic approach when it comes to making the apps available.

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