Considering HTC’s sales and revenues in 2015, it is not hard to believe what some experts have been stating that the company will be extinct in no time. Their Smartphones sales saw a major drop in 2015 and HTC has also started focusing on other things, one of them being virtual reality. Responding to those comments, Cher Wang, the company chairperson, spoke with the Taiwanese press mentioning that the company isn’t going anywhere and is yet to showcase the best.


You can’t expect to get different results with the same approach every season, something HTC has been stretching since three years. But the Cher Wang seems to be changing some things around including a refresh in all categories and also some steps to keep the operating costs minimum.

Profits from their Connected Devices division will most probably start emerging next year as the company professes that they are well prepared to enter the new year. The HTC Vive VR headset is expected to go on sale from April, and more connected devices are expected to come, thanks to the partnership with Under Armour. Even with that, there’s no escape to the point where HTC needs to start improving their mobile division as that’s their primary source for withstanding right now.

Wang also admitted that the company’s product lineup needed a fresh overhaul to make an impactful comeback. She revealed that the company will be making significant changes in the design and innovation, all which will be reflected in 2016. In late 2015, we saw HTC adapting varied strategies including specific smartphones for Chinese market.

HTC’s One M10 is probably their last chance at springing back as the budget smartphones they are launching are just not good enough to sell when faced with similar offerings at much lower prices from other Asian OEMs like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola and even Samsung.

It will take a long time for HTC to bring the back market position they enjoyed three years back but if they focus on what went wrong between that period, there’s still some hope left.


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