Recently, Microsoft has been migrating its apps to other platforms and in fact they have been more engrossed in optimizing the apps for non-Windows platforms. The latest App from the Microsoft stable seems to be a Selfie app called Microsoft Selfie’for iOS which seems to be squarely intended at making your mugshots look better than it actually is.


Microsoft claims that the app is endowed with intelligent enhancements, noise reduction, auto exposure and themes to make the photos look better. In essence, the app works just like any other photo apps helping you tweak your selfies to look better.

First when I came across the Selfie App, I perceived it to be a produce of the now famous Microsoft Garage, an impromptu innovation centre and it seems I was right. The app is simple and lets you tinker with the images and then save them in a camera roll. The app is currently not listed on the Google Play or the Windows Store but the Lumia Selfie app will fill the gap in case you are desperate for a selfie app.

The app promises to take into account the age, gender, skin tone, lighting and other features into account and then automatically applies different models and lets users complete the enhancement with a single click. Now this is not News to us as we have been seeing the one touch editing feature in most of the phones across various platforms since quiet long. The key features of this app seems to be the noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure and color themes.

It is heartening to see Microsoft coming up with new apps but the Selfie just seems to fall short of breath, it seemingly fails to impress with the bare basic features and hopefully Microsoft will take a note of this and bake in relevant features in the future build of the app.

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