2015 was a spectacular year for Microsoft, the company unveiled a lot of new products and the next big update for their operating system, Windows 10. The company provided free upgrade to those who were running Windows 7 or 8.1 and as it turns out, their plan did work as today Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 is running on 200 Million devices across the world.


Back in October 2015, numbers had reached 110 Million and in less than 3 months, that figure has gone up by 90 Million making this the fastest growing OS for Microsoft ever – almost 140 percent faster than Windows 7 at the same stage in its life, and a remarkable 400 percent faster than Windows 8.

Microsoft’s goal for spreading the new OS to a billion people within two or three years doesn’t seem too crazy now as customers are actually enjoying this upgrade unlike the experience they had with Windows 8 which was quite a disaster.

However the free upgrade is only available till this July 29th of this year, so it will be interesting to see whether momentum persists after that, or if Microsoft extends the deadline. Microsoft also claims that the Windows universal store has seen a “dramatic growth” generating four times as much revenue, helping developer engagement for the ecosystem.


Windows 10 though still needs a lot of work especially when it comes to Cortana and the Edge browser, as both don’t seem to match the completeness of the rest of the OS. Mobile too kind of failed again for the company as Windows 10 Mobile is far from perfect even after all these months following the launch of the flagship smartphones. In fact, none of the Windows Phone 8.1 devices have been updated to the stable build of Windows 10 Mobile yet. Reports tell us that the installs were highest in December probably because of the holiday season.

The company states that till now 44.5 billion minutes were spent on the new Edge browser and 2.5 billion questions were asked to Cortana. Also, the company looks serious with it latest offering, the Surface Book, making it available in 10 more countries – including India, China, Australia and Hong Kong over the coming weeks.

Edit: The title has been updated for accuracy.

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