Apple with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus introduced a new camera feature, “Live Photos” that can be used to generate dynamic images. It did so by capturing multiple shots before and after the main image providing a much more fun experience as users were able to see a little bit of story behind that particular photo.


It was pretty certain that nothing can stop it from coming to Android whether through an official update or some third party app unleashing it. Appic Labs, the company behind the widely popular “Camera MX” in a recent update brought this functionality with the title of “Live Shot” to Android.

Taking a Live shot is pretty straight forward on the app, you can switch to the view by clicking the new whirlpool icon on the top sitting right next to the fx tab. Once you get in, the app will take in some more scenes before the shutter button is triggered giving you the feel of a moving image apparently. You can even set how far before the actual image you want to click through the app’s settings page which is neat.


After the Live shot has been taken, Camera MX will show you the final or the main shot but press+hold on that and voila! your image will start to loop through the shots it took.

The application provides three more vital options to you – Edit, Delete and Share. Deleting the shot sadly deletes the entire Live shot meaning you won’t be able to keep just the final image. Tapping on the share button will allow you to share a MP4 video making it effortless to share among your friends no matter what phone they’re using, one thing that’s missing from iOS’ Live photos. The shared video however will be watermarked and looped a couple of times already.

Editing solutions provide you with the ability to move around each specific shot to select from where the Live Shot should start. The UI is extremely easy-to-use, it pops a big circle on the screen so that you don’t get frustrated as everything will move super fast once you start messing around with it. Saving the final shot will overwrite the original one, so you gotta be careful.


Last and final thing you can do on the editing screen is save individual images from the complete Live Shot but there’s a catch here – Only the final image is being captured in full resolution, all the other ones will be of low quality. Currently there’s no option to choose an ending or change resolution but I’m guessing that’s something the developers saved for future updates.

Camera MX does provides a decent “Live Photos” feel, but right now there are minor bugs here and there, for instance while editing the app crashed twice for me. The good news is that this app is absolutely free with no ads whatsoever, so go ahead and give it a whirl.

Download Camera MX

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