2015 was touted as the year of wearables and although it didn’t quite turn out to be the case, this year around it definitely seems to be the year of wearables. The companies are readying themselves to compete in the choc-a-block wearables market with new innovations. HTC and Under Armour have unveiled the UA HealthBox which is a connected fitness system device that measures sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition and is claimed to be first of its kind. The Healthbox aims at taking complete care of one’s health by regularly monitoring the vitals and allowing individuals to tailor cut their activities based on the same.


The UA Healthbox comprises of a fitness band, heart rate monitor, connected smartscale and all of these are made to connect with the UA Record app for providing the insights. By the way the app is already available for download on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. The UA Record app is like an aggregator for the fitness machines, soft of a HUD that collects all the information from one’s body and displays it in the form of a dashboard.

UA Band works like any other fitness tracker and it tracks the daily activity, workouts, sleep and pit it against a daily workout goal. The display lies beneath a layer which allows it to turn off when not in use and a gentle tap will bring it to life. The UA Band however comes with an advanced workout mode for the athlete’s wherein the display will be switched on throughout the workout, more like a power usage mode.

UA Heart Rate is a heart rate monitor which takes its feed from the chest strap and the removable sensor. The Heart Rate monitor seems to be aimed at recording the accurate number of calouries burnt.

UA Scale is another important piece of the Healthkit it is a good looking smart scale that connects with the UA Record App. The USP of the scale is that it is coated with advanced conductive paint technology that helps it to provide body fat readings. The scale can be synced up with upto ten users and can individually monitor their progress.

The UA HealthBox will be available on January 22 in the US and for that the preorders will start from today on both HTC and UA sites. Additionally, the kit will also be sold at Under Armour brand house locations. It is but obvious that the HealthBox will be rolled out gradually to the other retailers and as of now it seems that the company has decided to concentrate on the US market.

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